learn arabic language online in Pakistan

Learn Arabic Language Online by enrolling in Basic to Advance Arabic Language Course offered by Al Falah Quran Academy. The course is available for

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Online English Language Course

Basic English Language Course is designed to help individuals learn the fundamentals of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary…

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Quran Translation course - word for word translation of Quran

Quran is the basis of Divine knowledge and the key to success in both the worlds. It is the sacred word addressing all the mankind. The speech of ALLAH that unravels

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Quran for kids course - noorani qaida - nazira - six kalima

Holy Quran is the word of Allah and is considered very important for Muslims. Every practicing Muslim needs to learn and understand the Quran

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Memorization of Quran - Hifz e Quran - Al falah Quran Academy- Online Quran course

The memorization of Quran is an important religious practice. It is an act of worship that brings immense reward for the believer. There’s no doubt, reciting Quran

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Tafseer course - Al Falah Quran Academy - Learn tafseer

Learning tafseer is essential for proper understanding of Quran. Without knowledge of Tafseer, we cannot completely understand the implication of

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Memorization of Surahs - Al Falah Quran Academy

We offer a unique course for memorization of selective surahs. This course is specifically designed for those who yearn for memorizing Quran but cannot commit for

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Noorani qaida - Al Falah Quran Academy

Noorani qaida is the cornerstone of the sacred process of learning the Holy Quran. It is the first and foremost step in the journey of learning the

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