Al Falah Quran Academy offers online Quran classes in Australia, Europe and other western countries to Pakistani and other Muslim communities out there. We offer a wide range of online Quran courses in Australia for children and ladies. Finding an ideal online Quran academy might turn out to be a daunting task for parents living in the non Muslim countries. But thanks to digital technology, accessing and locating a Quran academy as per your requirement is becoming easier. Taking online Quran classes saves time, energy and hassle of commute for both children and adults. At Al Falah Quran Academy we provide interactive online Quran classes in Australia. We offer online Quran courses in Australia for children and female students in a safe and pleasant learning environment. We have certified female Quran teachers comprised of well learned, well experienced hafizahs, qariahs and alimahs. Quran is the eternal word of ALLAH. Learning Quran is obligatory to all Muslims, regardless of age, gender, color and creed. While parents, might be capable of teaching their kids as to how to read Quran, the accuracy and proficiency level is not possible to achieve without the help of a proper Quran tutor. Therefore, it is critically important to learn Quran through proper channel so as not to commit any negligence when it comes to learning the Divine knowledge of Quran.

We provide sound learning for following Quran courses:

All Quran courses at our online Quran academy are taken up by a competent team of certified alimah and hafizah female Quran teachers. There is a variety of online Quran courses we offer. The lessons are delivered vigilantly and the courses are quite comprehensive. Parents can monitor progress of classes and can share their feedback with the administration. We warmly welcome any suggestions and feedback by the parents. You can contact us online anytime or simply whatsapp us. Flexible time schedules for online Quran classes are available considering the ease for school going students, college / university students, working ladies and house wives. Sign up now for getting enrolled in the Quran course and take online Quran classes from home.

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