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Al Falah Quran Academy offers online Quran classes in Pakistan and across the globe. We provide a friendly, respectful and safe learning environment for taking online Quran courses particularly for kids and females. Al Falah Quran Academy is an initiative taken not only to spread the knowledge of Quran but also keep the sanctity of the sacred cause by providing safe environment for children and female students. Online Quran classes are particularly safe for kids and females who are likely to fall prey of any potential vile act threatening their safety and well being. The terrible news circulating time and over again about one of the most heinous crime as that of child abuse are utterly heart wrenching. While sending children off to an institute might be more economic for some parents, it might pose huge potential threat on the well being of children under certain circumstances. The need of the hour is that parents should be proactive and should take all possible measures to ensure the safety and well being of their children. Also, it is rather a secure and modest approach for female students of all ages to take online Quran classes. Considering all these factors, we decided to play our part by offering affordable, high quality online Quran classes in Pakistan for children and females.

All Quran courses at our online Quran academy are taken up by a competent team of certified alimah and hafizah female Quran teachers. There is a variety of online Quran courses we offer. The lessons are delivered vigilantly and the courses are quite comprehensive. Parents can monitor progress of classes and can share their feedback with the administration. We warmly welcome any suggestions and feedback by the parents. They can contact us online anytime or simply whatsapp us. Flexible time schedules for online Quran classes are available considering the ease for school going students, college / university students, working ladies and house wives. Sign up now for getting enrolled in the Quran course and take online Quran classes from home.

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