Memorization of Selected Surahs

We offer a unique course for memorization of surahs selected carefully. This course is specifically designed for those who yearn for memorizing Quran but cannot commit for it for the amount of time and labor it requires or for whatsoever reasons. Memorization of surahs course gets you various benefits in both the worlds, since some special surahs are associated with attaining special blessings and rewards. It gives you a chance to recite your memorized surahs anytime, anywhere. It helps you with recitation of Quran during qayyam. Hence the remembrance of ALLAH and recitation of Quran becomes a very convenient part of your routine life. Memorization of surahs course may include surahs on demand too; which you want to memorize. We have selected a few surahs in this course.  The course includes memorization of  surahs shared below:

  • Surah Yaseen
  • Surah Al Mulk
  • Surah Waqiah
  • Surah Muzammil
  • Surah Rehman
  • Surah Al Kahf
  • Last 20 Surahs of Juzz 30
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Surah Yaseen

Memorize Surah Yaseen - Online Quran Academy -

Prophet (S.A.A.W) said about the virtues of Surah Yaseen:
“It takes away from its reader all afflictions and fulfills his need. Whoever recites it, it will be made equal to twenty pilgrimages. Whoever shall listen to it, it will be as thousand dinars, which he has given as charity in the path of Allah. And whoever shall write it and then drink it, it will enter into his heart a thousand cures, a thousand radiant lights, a thousand times more increase in belief, a thousand mercies, a thousand blessings, a thousand times more increase in guidance, and will remove from him all gall and disease.” (Tirmidhi)
Regular recitation of Surah Yaseen brings the goodness of the both world for the believers therefore it must be memorized so that one could recite it anytime. Sign up for memorization of surah course and start memorizing Surah Yaseen now.

Surah Mulk

Memorize Surah Mulk - Online Quran Academy - Online Quran Courses - Al Falah Quran Academy

We can attain the number of blessings with the recitation of Surah Mulk. There are a multitude of blessings that you can attain for just a few minutes of recitation. It is the prevention of punishment of the grave. On the Day of Resurrection Surah Mulk will intervene with Allah for the forgiveness of its Reciter. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “There is a Surah in the Quran which is only thirty verses. It defended whoever recited it , until it puts him into paradise i.e. Surah al Mulk” [Fath al Qadir 5/257, Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Tabrani in Al-Awsat & Ibn Mardawaith]
It was narrated that Abdullah ibn Mas’ood said: Whoever reads Surah al-Mulk every night, Allah will protect him from the torment of the grave. This short surah possesses plenty of virtues for its reciter. Enroll in our memorization of surahs course now and memorize Surah Mulk and other beautiful surahs.

Surah Waqiah

Memorize Surah Waqiah - Online Quran Academy - Al Falah Quran Academy

Surah Waqiah is included in memorization of surah course offered by Al Falah Quran Academy. It is a beautiful and powerful surah in terms of benefits. Our Prophet (S.A.A.W), said in a hadith,
“Whoever recites Surah Waqiah at night will never encounter poverty” (Ibn Sunni 620). Another hadith from our Prophet (S.A.A.W) said, “Surah Waqiah is the Surah of Wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children” (Ibn Asakir).
So from the above hadith it is cleared that Surah Waqiah is a blessing for the entire Muslim Ummah. The world we living today is full of tension, stress and worry. Most of our troubles are finance related instability. This Surah provides an array of worldly benefits for good earning. So in a nutshell, benefits of reciting Surah al Waqiah are tremendous. Memorize this amazing surah and make it a part of your zikar before going to sleep. This surah doesn’t takes more than 5 minutes to recite and the rewards yet are so big SubhanAllah! The best time to recite Surah Waqiah is after Isha prayer.Memorize Surah Waqiah and make its recitation a part of daily routine.

Surah Muzammil

Memorize Surah Muzammil - Online Quran Academy

Every surah and every verse in the Quran has numerous benefits for the mankind. Similarly, Surah Muzammil benefits are also very significant. Surah Muzammil is another lovely surah included in memorization of surah course offered by Al Falah Quran Academy. Memorize surah Muazammil to take advantage of blessings associated with its recitation. These are the some of the important benefits of surah Al Muzammil.

The person who recites this Surah daily will never face any kind of bad situations. If you recite this Surah daily, you will be protected from all types of mental illness. If you recite this Surah and pray for something, you will your dowa will be accepted with the mercy and blessings of ALLAH. (IN SHA ALLAH). Reciting Surah Al Muzammil a hundred times on Thursday night leads to the forgiving of a hundred major sins and procures a hundred rewards. Recitation of this Surah protects one from insanity and from being a slave to people. At Al Falah Quran Academy our experienced certified hafizah and alimah Quran tutors help you memorize this amazing surah.

Surah Ar-Rehman

Memorize Surah Rehman - Online Quran Course

The Surah is named after one of the most beautiful and unique names of Allah, Ar-Rahman, the Merciful. The Surah tells about the countless favors Allah has given to His man. It is one of the most mellow and soul awakening surahs of the Holy Quran. Surah Rahman when recited with pure intention, sincerity and urge to understand the meaning of it, it brings you closer to Allah. It helps increase gratitude and thankfulness towards Allah for his countless blessings. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful ways to praise Allah. Allah loves it when his man shows gratitude, humility, and meekness towards his Creator. So recitation of Ar-Rahman is full of blessings.Surah Rahman is said to have miraculous effects on sick and ailing people. Many diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, diabetes and much more get cured by the grace of Allah the Almighty when a person recites Ar-Rahman daily. Memorization of Surah e Rehman is a lovely gift for the soul.

Surah Al Kahf

memorize surah Kahf - Online course- Al Falah Quran Academy

This Surah has 110 ayaat and it was revealed in Makkah. Surah Kahf is another important surah included in our memorization of surah course. The Holy Prophet (S.A.A.W) has said that whoever recites this Surah will be protected from fitna (evil) for eight days. If a person recites the last verse of Surah al-Kahf before sleeping at night, Allah (S.w.T.) creates a noor (light) from his sleeping place up to the Holy Ka’bah and in this light are angels who continually pray for the reciter until he wakes up.
It is narrated from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (R.A.) that if a person wishes to wake up at a particular time, he should recite the last ayah of this Surah and then make the intention that he will wake up at a certain time and he will wake up at that time. He (R.A.) also said that if a person recites this Surah every Thursday night, he will die the death of a martyr. Keeping this Surah (written) in the house becomes a means of protection from poverty and debts.

Course Features

  • Online classes
  • 2 days free trial
  • Certified and experienced teacher
  • Flexible timing
  • Regular assessment
  • One to one session
  • Female tutors for female students
  • No age restriction
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